Animal Welfare
Concern about animal welfare is growing quickly in most of the countries of the world, which should improve the attitudes of farmers and other animal keepers regarding their charges. Animal welfare can be defined through their needs, feeling, stress and health.

As animal welfare can be improved with the help of human activity, conscious determination of this has been improved significantly and many studies have been performed on the basis of different animal species. The results of these studies are being used in legal creative work, training of specialists and public relations. This has resulted with improved animal welfare through different regulations, legal supervision and first of all, through improved attitude of people. Every keeper of an animal should consider the fact that a well-cared animal in appropriate keeping conditions has higher and better productivity and is a self-confident and good friend as well as a pet.

Supervision in the field of animal protection is based on Animal Protection Act, regulating protection of animals from such human activity or inactivity, which is or may be hazardous to animal health or welfare; Veterinary Organization Act; Infectious Animal Disease Control Act and descending legal acts.

Veterinary and Food Board is communicating in the animal protection questions with foreign countries, other administrations, ministries, public organisations Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals, Estonian Academic Society for Animal Welfare and is also co-operating with Ministry of Environment and the supervising specialists of Police Board, whose tasks include supervision of meeting of requirements, established by Animal Protection Act.

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