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Food supplements

Notification process for food supplements in Estonia

Food business operator (FBO) who wants to place a food supplement on the Estonian market for the first time has to notify competent authority (Veterinary and Food Board).
For notification, it is required to send:
  • the notification form (filled in Estonian language) and
  • sample(s) of labelling (in original language and in Estonian). All the infromation in labellings has to be visible and readable (including pictures etc). 

Without labelling sample(s), the product cannot be considered as notified.

Notification can be sent to Veterinary and Food board in 3 ways:
  • by post to address Veterinaar- ja Toiduamet, Väike-Paala 3, 11415, Tallinn, Estonia;
  • by e-mail to address if the documents are digitally signed or
  • via internet through Maaeluministeeriumi kliendiportaal. This option can be used with Estonian ID-card or Mobile-ID. 
Food supplement notification is free of charge.
The notification has to be made at latest the day the product is placed on Estonian market.
Notified product will be added to database within 30 days after receiving all the necessary documents.
Veterinary and Food Board doesn't control the products during the notification. It's FBO's responsibility to ensure product's safety and compliance. 
Veterinary and Food Board does not send confirmation letter about the notification unless it is required by FBO.
Please note:
1. Notification is not required if product is already notified by other FBO. It can be checked from notified food supplement database
2. Notification is not required for  different package sizes of the same product.
3. New notification is required if following data changes: food supplements name, brand's name, manufacturer's name and/or country of origin. 
4. There are maximum limits for certain vitamins and minerals in food supplements. Guidance  (PDF)available in Estonian language. 
5. When product contains medical herbs/substances, please contact Agency of Medicines where products` statuses are confirmed (drug or not). Do this before notifying the product to Veterinary and Food Board.
6. Please make sure that notification documents contain information about full Latin names of herbs/herbal extracts if these are used in product.
7. Food supplements have to fulfil the requirements of all relevant legal requirements for food, but most important Estonian national regulations (based on EU legislations) and EU regulations are:
Notification process should not be viewed as authorization process. It is the responsibility of food business operator to comply with all legal requirements.
Last updated: 17 March 2020