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State Register of Alcohol

For alcoholic beverages to be entered in the State Register of Alcohol, the following shall be submitted to the authorized processor of the State Register of Alcohol (Veterinary and Food Board) together with the corresponding application:

·          report of analysis, issued by the accredited laboratory;

·          samples or colour photos of labels used on the consumer packaging of the alcoholic beverage;

·          the original copy of the customs declaration concerning the import of the product sample accepted by the customs authorities and a notation must be made in the customs declaration indicating that the given product sample shall be submitted for the registration to the State Register of Alcohol – in the case of imported alcoholic beverages;

·          the accompanying document provided by § 45 of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Fuel and Electricity Excise Duty Act – in case of alcohol from EU;

·          written permission of the producer of the alcoholic beverage to specify or improve in any other manner the labeling on the consumer packaging of the alcoholic beverage provided by the producer – for alcoholic beverages in consumer packaging with additional labeling;

·          in the case of wine products, accompanying documents established by commission regulations 555/2008 and 436/2009 may be submitted instead of the report of analysis.

A state fee of 10 EUR shall be paid for the review of an application for entry of alcohol in the register.

An entry in the register of alcohol is valid for a period of five years.

A state fee of 4 EUR shall be paid for the review of an application for the extension of the period of validity of a register entry.

The accredited laboratory for alcohol analyses in Estonia is Veterinary and Food Laboratory ( and Estonian Environmental Research Centre (

List of laboratories designated by the Member States to be responsible for carrying out official analyses in the wine sector ( (PDF))

List of the official agencies and laboratories approved or appointed by the third countries for the purpose of drawing up documents, which must accompany each consignment of wine imported into the Community ( (PDF))

Application for register entry to the State Register of Alcohol (100.5 KB, DOC)

Last updated: 6 June 2019